Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Intalio - Getting Your First Process Right

I have been hooked onto Intalio ever since I discovered it in the last week of July 2009. I did have some hiccups in installing the designer, mainly with the version of JDK. Having installed it I then had issues with starting Geronimo because of my Browser and Mail client followed by issues in using the web service. Though the documentation on the Intalio community web site is helpful its rather fragmented and difficult for a first timer to get a grip on it. The boarders on the forums are helpful but it takes a few days before someone posts to your questions. I thought I should supplement the available information on the Intalio web site with a document of my own that illustrates the installation process and how to get your first process right. This I hope helps a beginner and removes the frustration of having to search through various posts to get your first BPM right. You can find it here. You'll need any Open Office compatible wordprocesser to view it.

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Derek Closson said...

Hello Mr. Pandurangiah,

I'm Derek Closson, a documentation engineer at Intalio. We appreciate your streamlined instructions for getting started with Intalio|BPMS! I noticed that they use version 5.2, although your download page mentions our latest release of 6.0.1. Have you updated the guide for 6.0? If so, I'd like to talk to you about posting the guide on http://community.intalio.com/ with appropriate credit and links.

You can contact me through email, using my last name at intalio.com. Thanks for using our software, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Derek Closson
Knowledge Base Engineer